To start, my name is Stephanie but I prefer to be called Steph. When I was in grade school, actually just in middle school which was my sixth, seventh and eighth grade years, I was involved in theater. My mother took acting in high school and college and performed in plays until I was in high school. So she naturally wanted me to be in plays. At first, I liked it but then it got to be like a chore. It got to a point where it felt like I had to try out and not that I wanted to try out. I still enjoyed myself and I met some really great people but I felt like I was doing this for my mom and not for myself.

So, I’m starting this blog just to chat about the good old days of when I was an actor. I will share with you all the different plays I was in and the good and bad times that I shared with my fellow actors. And of the course the good and bad times that I shared with my mom during all of this. If you need to reach me just click here to get to my contact page.

Thanks, Steph