Act Four

This ends my career as an actress, I did try out for one more play but I did not make the cut. I auditioned for Guys and Dolls and unfortunately did not make, this was the last time that I tried out for anything. Nothing terrible happened that made me never want to be on a play again, I think that it was just time. I thought that I had a good audition, they did not make me sing, I just danced and I thought I did pretty well but I guess not good enough. I had told a friend that I took dance classes with about this play and asked her to audition with me. She came along but she did not make it as well. We were both bummed but got over it.

My mother thought it would be a good idea to dress professional for this audition and wear all black, apparently wearing all black helps the people who are in charge of casting the play picture you as the character. She did not want me wearing the dance clothes that I normally wear to the audition, I didn’t see the point in wearing all black since I never had before and I made it into every play that I tried out for. But I did and I felt like an idiot. I wasn’t comfortable in the outfit that I chose and I feel that had a lot to do with me not getting the part. Not because I was in black but because I was not a full confidence wearing clothes that I was not used to. If I was used to wearing that outfit then I think I would have made it but confidence goes a long way when auditioning and I’m sure I was lacking it. I know that when I tried out for the other plays that I told the them that I didn’t want to sing that I just wanted to be a dancer. That would seem like I didn’t have full confidence but really it did. I was totally being myself and I was fully confident that I couldn’t sing.

I am still a little sad that I didn’t make that play, I am sure that it would have been a lot of fun and I probably would have tried out for more if I would have gotten a part. The funny thing is though, my friend who tried out with me, lied to me and told me that she got a part in the play. During a dance class she asked me if I received a call saying that I made it and I told her no, so she said that she did and that she got a part in the chorus. I was a little upset about that, I was bummed that she got a part and I didn’t. I don’t think she realized though how involved my mom and I were in theater because we went to the performance. When I looked at the program I didn’t see her name anywhere. I asked my mom if they actually put everyone’s name that is in the play on the program because I never paid attention to that. She said that no matter how small your roll or job, if you are in the play or helping in the background you name will be on the program. I thought to myself that my friend was a total idiot. At the next dance class I told her so, our friendship sort of falter for a bit. We got over it but I thought it was pretty shady of her to lie about something to trivial like that. She felt pretty stupid about it to, so after some time we got back to our friendship.

Thanks for listening!