Act Three

I need to have a little disclaimer here, in the beginning I had mentioned that I was in four musicals and as I was writing post for this blog, I was trying to remember the names of the plays and I could only remember three, The King and I and Gypsy, which I have already written about and today I am going to discuss Crazy For You but I could not remember the fourth play that I was in, so I asked my mom. Who then reminded me that I was only in three musicals not four, she said that I probably got confused because I helped out on so many of her plays that I thought that I was in more. So I apologized by saying earlier on that I was in four plays when clearly, now, I was only in three. So now I am going to discuss the third play that I was in which was Crazy For You.

I was, yet again , just in the chorus of this production, this happened to be a musical with tap dancing and I was really good at tap, so this was by far my favorite play to be in. I was a dancer in the Zangler Follies, which was a huge dance troupe in the 1930s in New York. Bobby Child tried to audition for Bela Zangler but did not make it, so his mother forces him to travel to a run down town in Nevada to close down a local theater there. While he is there, he sees a lot of potential in this little town, and not to mention falls in love with a local cowgirl there who’s father happens to own the theater, not wanting to ruin in chance he has with the girl, he pretends that he is Bela Zangler and says to save the theater they need to put on a great production, so Bobby has all the folly dancers come down to Nevada to put on a great show. Good and bad things happen during this love story but in the end, Bobby’s true identity is revealed and the real Bela Zangler comes to town and sees the show and the theater remains open. And of course, Bobby gets the girl.

I really didn’t get to stand out a lot in this play, I was pretty much just a dancer all the way but there was one time during one of performances where all the girls were in line at the front of the stage doing a kick line, we had our hands on the waste of the girl next to us. The girl on the right of me stumbled a little but at the moment it didn’t mess anything up, that is until we pulled away from each other and my skirt fell to my feet. Our skirts were held on by velcro and when she stumbled she pulled my skirt apart but she held onto it for as long as she could but when we broke away from each other she couldn’t hang on anymore and so my skirt fell to my knees. Like any true performing, I just picked up my skirt and continued to number not missing a beat. But when we all got off stage we had a good laugh, I had even made some of the audience laugh at it, at least the ones that were in the rows in front of me! Be sure to visit our latest sponsors West Bloomfield carpet cleaning page.

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