Act Two

Like I have said before, I acted in plays while I was in middle school, this next play I am going to discuss is Gypsy. Some of you might think that this play is not very appropriate for a younger audience and you would be both right and wrong. It does delve into the burlesque scene but it does so tastefully. I believe young children would be entertained by this play as long as the parents could be it into perspective for them and of course there are children who are actors in the play. It starts with a mother who has her daughters in show business and one of them is not as highly regarded as the other. As they grow up in the business the one realizes she will never make her mother happy and decides to be apart of a traveling burlesque show. I was not one of these little girls before they grew up, I was just part of the dancing chorus line.

I had quite a few different roles in this play, the first appearance I made was as the Balloon Girl. Rose as in Gypsy Rose Lee was auditioning for a spot in a show with her mother and so was the balloon girl, it was obvious that Rose’s act was better than the balloon girls but the balloon girl’s mother had a thing going with the man who was in charge of picking the actors and he choose me over Rose. Rose’s mother was quite upset with this and before they stormed out of the audition she popped a couple of my balloons. My customer was a leotard with balloons safety pinned to them. It was a humorous scene and they audience laughed every time.

I also played the back half of a horse and even though they no one could see me, this was one of my favorite rolls that I got in the play. There was another girl in front of me who was the front half and we had to dance with a person, it was really difficult to get the moves correct because I couldn’t see anything. The other girl and I had to be in sync with each other and with the person that we were dancing with, we got it done but it took many hours of practiced. Weird as it sounds, it was my favorite outfit too, I just wore a pair of brown fuzzy pants with suspenders! I was also a Torra Torra Girl, there were four of us that got to be apart of this dance number. It was anther act that was in the show as Gypsy Rose Lee, this act was terrible and needed to be fine tuned. We only had like five minutes on stage, we were supposed to all run out at the same time but with one of us, me, who was slow was supposed to be lagging behind, I was the second in line but came out at the end and rushed to get in my spot, whilst knocking the other girls around. This was the act, this was not because we were not able to get the scene right. Thought I clarify that.

All in all, I enjoyed being in this play more than I did being in The King and I but not as much as I enjoyed being in the next played I plan to blog about!

Thanks for listening,