My mom loved acting so much that she thought it was going to be so great that her and I act in plays together or at least that I get into acting as much as she did. We never ended up acting in any plays together and it did turn out to be fun for a while. When I was eleven, twelve and thirteen she got me to try out for some plays at our local theater group in Novi, Michigan. I ended up being in four plays, all musicals. I am a dancer so I tried out for the chorus type rolls, never a roll that required lines. I cannot sing, I cannot carry a tune. I was always so embarrassed trying out because I just wanted to dance in these plays, not sing. I enjoy singing, by myself, not in front of people. I even told the people who were in charge of casting the plays that I did not want to sing, that I probably wouldn’t sing during the performance because my singing voice is completely horrendous, I told them that I just wanted to dance. They were really nice about it but still made me sing, without music, up on stage in front of a couple people. They said that I had to because that was the rule.

So I did and even though I could not see my face I knew that it was as red as a tomato. I could feel how red it got, but I did and I ended up being cast in four plays. Since I only tried out for five, that’s pretty good. It helped as well that my mom know all of these people, don’t worry I didn’t get any special treatment, I never got a roll with lines, they just stuck me in the chorus. I am a pretty good dancer, so all the good dancing chorus rolls went to me. I did that on my own, I danced for twenty years of my life, so I could totally hold my own in that regard.

I did really enjoy acting in plays, it was always so much fun. I got to be so many different people from so many different time periods, the costumes were my favorite part, there were times were I could bring my own clothes to wear with a few modifications but mostly I got to wear clothes from the theaters wardrobe. Meeting all the different people to was great, I made some really close friends during the plays, we didn’t stay in touch afterwards because we usually didn’t live near each other but we had fun together when the rehearsals were going on.


After a couple years though, it got old to me. It felt like it was never going to end. My mom wanting me to try out for play after play after play. I didn’t always want to be in a play, I just wanted to try out when I wanted to but not for every musical that came to town. The auditions were my least favorite part. I never got over hating to sing in front of people, I just wished that they would have let me slide in that part and just dance for the audition. It wasn’t like I wanted a major roll or even a roll that had lines. Just stick me in the background and let me dance. But I guess rules are rules, so I just stopped trying out. That didn’t go over well with my mom, we had some fights but eventually she understood and my acting days were over.

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