I’m going to take a break my writing about the plays that I was and use this post to discuss some of my mother’s plays. She has been in numerous plays, too many to count actually, some musicals (she could actually sing) and some not. She started out acting in plays in high school, then in college and went to perform in the local theater guilds until I was in high school, you can ask her at any moment what plays she was in and she will remember each one. I actually forgot the name of this play that I am about to talk about so I sent her a text saying “what was the name of that one play you were in where I got to help out behind stage?” She came back within a minute by replying “Rumors by Neil Simon.” Ahh, yes Rumors, I couldn’t remember Neil Simon, I had Arthur Miller stuck in my head but I new it was the tyoe of play that Arthur Miller would write, Rumors was a little more lighthearted than a Arthur Miller play. Rumors has Neil Simon written all over it.

For those of you who are not familiar with Rumors, it is about a husband and wife who have invited a couple of their friends over to dinner but before the first guests arrive the wife goes missing and the husband has shot himself in the head. As each set of guests arrives more and more things start to happen and rumors about what has happened to the wife and husband spread around the guests. No one knows what is really going on and everyone has an opinion about it. The are arguments, confusion and drinking all night long. We don’t found out what has actually happen to the wife, Myra, until the very end of the play, the last line of the play is actually Myra’s, it’s her first and only line. The one line at the end always is received with a big gasp from the audience and sometimes followed by laughter. After all this is a comedy.

My mother played Cookie Cusack, the eccentric wife of Ernie Cusack who is a psychologist. She had so much fun playing this character and she generated many laughs with her performance, I was so proud of her. I mainly worked back stage for this play, I was not really in charge of props since I was so young but I was the assistant to the props person, I got to go on stage during every scene change and remove and add things, I actually liked this better than being on stage. I believe this was my first time helping behind the stage of one of my mom’s plays. I got my big break during the complete run through before the dress rehearsal. I got to be the voice of Myra, the lady that had been doing didn’t want to do it for the actual shows, so they needed someone else and I was one of the only females always behind the scenes so they had me do it. It was awesome, the only thing that I got to do was banged in the basement door and when asked who is it i would say “It’s Myra!” then the curtains closed. I felt so important, I took that role so serious, this is me being in middle school thinking that that role was so great. I guessed that I am easily amused!

One final thing before I go.  I have to say thank you to the guys at Canton Plumbing they helped me out big time this weekend and want them to know how grateful I am.

Thanks everyone!